Nev Saint-Nevermore Draws Your Guy's For Cash!™

Updated January 2022. Images are of a lower quality here, for better examples check my art Tumblr!Email - [email protected]


Terms and Conditions

I Will Do:
-NSFW (18+!)
-Most Things
I Won't Do:
-Bigoted, racist, or otherwise offensive art.
-Illegal/Immoral fetishes (i.e. anything involving children, incest, abuse, rape.)
-fanart is dependent on the source material.

I reserve every right to refuse a commission for any reason. There is plenty of wiggle room for prices, feel free to contact me and we can sort something out! Payment is taken through Paypal using invoices. I will send an invoice for the first half of the full price once a sketch/first draft has been approved, and then for the second half once the finished piece is to your liking. Any preview will be of a small size with a watermark, and the full-resolution piece will be sent once fully paid. For more complex requests, such as a reference sheet or full painting, there will be several previews sent throughout the process due to the scale of the projects.Once finished and in your hands, you're more than welcome to use the piece as an icon, headers, on, lightly edited for backgrounds/banners, stuff like that, as long as you throw credit somewhere and don't remove my signature. I will prefer to post any commissions on my Tumblr at least unless NSFW, please LET ME KNOW if you aren't comfortable with me posting the finished piece anywhere.Prices listed below are for a drawing for a single character, portrait and full body prices. Generally, a drawing withmore than one character is + 100% per each character. To have a more complex background with interacting scenery is + another 50% of the base price. If this is confusing, don't worry! Contact me with what you're after and I'll do the legwork, seeing as how it's my fault this stuff is always complicated. If there's something very specific you're after not listed here, I will be more than happy to figure that out too!

Sweet and Simple

Portrait £15, Full-Body £20

A sketch with flat colours and a very simple background. Can be colourless if client chooses. Paid in one installment once done.

Coloured Lines
Portrait £20, Full-Body £30

Much neater, detailed lineart with colouring and very simple highlights. Paid in two installments.

Fully Shaded
Portrait £30, Full-Body £50

Neat lineart with full shading, with more flexibility with a proper background.

Complex Offerings

Portrait £30, Full-Body/Complex Piece £60

A rougher and looser paint style. Backgrounds simple or less detailed.

Fully Painted
Portrait £50, Full-Body/Complex Piece £100+

Fully rendered paintings with high detail. Final price can vary as a result of things like background/scene complexity.

"Stained Glass" IllustrationHeraldic Beast Style £30, Portrait £30, Full-Body £60+

Precise and Neat lines, variable and illustrative. Can be offered as an alternative to typical line-art.

Reference SheetFront + Back with 3 details like example £100.

Character reference sheet. Contact for what you are specifically after for this for pricing.

Concept ArtVariable.

Concept art either done with sketchy lines and/or in a lineless style up to artist's discretion. Price will vary depending on complexity and style! One of the more artist-liberty-heavy options.